Each children must play some sports daily for 60 minutes.

Multi Sports

Globally, research has shown that children need to spend at least 60 minutes/day engaging in some form of physical activity. Unfortunately, children today do not engage in enough physical activity.

Common Barriers to Meeting the 60 mins/day Guideline


  • Aversion towards sports/physical activity
  • Self-belief in the ability to be physically active


  • Influence of friends
  • Lack of parental support


  • Lack of safe locations to play
  • Lack of access to equipment
  • Financial costs of engaging in physical activity

For Parents of Children Who Don’t Meet the Guideline

  • Extend the SportyKid experience into your home
  • Participate with them
  • Encourage & reward their actions

For Parents of Children Who Meet the Guideline

  • Continue being active on a daily basis
  • Work towards becoming more active by exposing them to more age-appropriate activities

For Parents of Children Who Exceed the Guideline

  • Maintain their current activity level
  • Keep track to reduce the risk of injury

Recommendation 1 – Set a Positive Example

  • Lead an active lifestyle yourself
  • Replace inactivity with -activity whenever possible
    Example: Encourage your child to walk or cycle to school instead of riding in a vehicle
  • Make family time an opportunity for physical activity
  • Take a walk together daily
  • Do housework together
  • Make use of low or no-cost resources
    Public parks
    Community courts and recreation areas

Recommendation 2 – Limit ‘Screen Time’

Ensures only 2 hours of media time per day
Movies or DVDs
Video games or Mobile Games
Turn off the television during meal times
Turn advertisement breaks into activity breaks.
Do not use ‘Screen time’ as a reward or punishment
– Recommended by American Institute of Pediatricians

Recommendation 3 – Encourage Physical Activity

Be positive about the physical activities in which your child decides to participate in
Encourage your child to talk about his/her experience with physical activity and sports
Help your child get to and from practices and events
Give your child toys that promote physical activity
Be a part of the physical activity your child is part of
(e.g. Weekend Leagues, Summer Camps, Parent sessions at schools)
Recommendation 4 – Encourage Children to Be Active With Friends
Play outside instead of watching television or playing video games.
Make special events physical activity events
– Activity-based birthday parties & other group functions
Encourage your child to join a team or try a new physical activity with a friend

Recommendation 5 – Partner with Your Child’s School

Learn about what physical activities are offered at your child’s school
Become a member of the school.
Be a part of / help organize special events like walk-a-thons or sports leagues over weekends in your area.

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