Delivering a combination of physical and emotional benefits, the SportyKid program is designed to build confidence and self-esteem, providing a platform of knowledge and helps to stay fit and healthy.

Science-based foundation

Our program was designed by a paediatric physiotherapist and occupational therapist. It aims to enhance children’s gross and fine motor skills, encourage their continued participation in sports and boost their brain development.

Multi-sports program

Multiple SportsWe teach 6 different sports which helps children develop a broad range of skills, builds a platform of sporting knowledge and the variety ensures continued interest in the program.

Incorporating “soft-skills”

Our program incorporates basic counting and colour concepts, encourages team work and sportsmanship, builds social skills and develops listening skills and concentration.

Volleyball coaching class


Fundamentals of each sports.

The SportyKid program is designed to introduce kids to the fundamentals of 6 different sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, cricket, badminton) using scientifically designed coaching procedures.

Football Coaching

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